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The Pinho & Palha project was created with the intention of building ecological houses, with our knowledge in other types of construction, and in the preference set of our clients.

Now, we've built only the green houses!




1. Saving on heating

The straw house quickly warms up in the winter due to the low heat loss, accordingly you will considerably save on heating the house in the winter. The thermal conductivity of the straw (0.050-0.065) is 4 times lower than the tree (0.18-0.23), and 7 times lower than the brick (0.56-0.7). In the summer, the house will be cool.

2. Vapor permeability of walls

The walls which are made of straw and stuccoed with clay have a coefficient of vapor permeability of at least 0.03

3. High fire safety

The straw in the panels is pressed so tightly that there is no air in it that is needed for combustion. Moreover, stuccoed panels of salt can withstand temperatures of more than 900 C for 1.5 hours

4. Excellent health

Living in a straw eco-house has a beneficial effect on health. People who suffer from bronchitis -pulmonary diseases and allergic reactions feel much better.

5. Biopositivity

In contrast to the tree, which is cut in the middle of the path of life, the straw has already traveled its course of life and does not carry the energy of killing.

6. Soundproofing

The walls, 40 cm thick, reliably protect you from extraneous street noise. Straw houses have a noise absorption coefficient of 0.90 (with a maximum value of 1)

7. Warranty 10 years

We guarantee the quality and durability of our house


Brick house

Large thermomass

Good sound insulation

High heat losses

Long-term construction


Numerous "wet" processes

Heavy (and expensive) foundation

 Lumber and log houses


Easy (not expensive) foundation

Interior finishing not required initially

High speed of “key-ready” construction

Ecological compatibility

Poor sound insulation

No thermomass

Inevitable shrinkage, even of glued bars

Frequent maintenance required

 Frame house

Good thermal insulation

Maintenance free


Possible to build at any time of year

Easy (not expensive) foundation

Poor sound insulation

Insufficient thermomass

Straw panel house

Good thermal insulation

Large thermomass

Maintenance free


Possible to build at any time of year

Easy (not expensive) foundation

Good sound insulation

Ecological compatibility


Extreme high speed of “key-ready” construction

No cons:

Poor thermal insulation

Poor sound insulation

Insufficient thermomass

High heat losses

Long-term construction


Numerous "wet" processes

Inevitable shrinkage

Frequent maintenance required



1. Ease of assembly

One wall panel weighs up to 200 kg, which makes it easy to mount 4 workers

2. Saving construction time

Ecohouse of straw panels, a team of 5 people going 3 days


3. Strength of a structure

Ecohouse from straw panels will never shrink, because the straw is pressed by a powerful hydraulic press at a pressure of 2000 kg / m2

4. Does not require complex construction equipment

Mounting of straw panels is performed without the use of construction equipment

5. Diverse foundation

The ease of constrution makes it possible to apply both traditional foundations and a foundation on screw piles

6. Low labor costs

It does not require large expenditures of physical strength. The house is assembled by a team of 5 people.

7. Simplicity of finishing work

Straw has a high adhesion: the stucco clings very well to the straw. Thus, in the house of straw panels you can use any kind of finishing work: from clay plaster to decorative materials



Accuracy of panel geometry

Quality control at every step

We use high-precision equipment and accessories in the production of panels.

The basis of the whole house is created in the production and quality control.

Good sound insulation

We build you internal partitions, filled with clay and sand.

Fire safety

Stuccoed at the factory, straw panels have the highest class of fire resistance and are equated with brick. With prolonged high-temperature heating of the wall panel, the structure of the facing material is deformed: the clay turns into a ceramic, the sand into a glass!


Quick building

Factory production of floor, wall and roof panels allows us to assemble the thermal circuit of your house for 7 days.



Unlike the tree, which is "killed" in the prime of life, the straw has already passed its life path, and therefore such material does not bear the energy of murder.


Thanks to optimization and automation of production, we get the ideal house at the ideally low price.

Large thermomas

A large thermomass in the house is achieved through the use of clay-sand internal partitions and stuccoing of the outer walls with clay.

100% ecological compatibility

For the panels we use less tree by times. Rye straw appears on the fields annually in huge quantities. We use only eco-friendly materials. Accordingly, the house of straw panels is more ecological than a log house.

Thermal insulation

In the panels there is used a natural heat insulator - pressed straw.

Such a house corresponds to an energy-passive house.

Thickness of thermal insulation panels:

400 mm in the wall

Comfortable microclimate

Thanks to a combination of clay and rye straw at the base of the house, in the rooms there always is comfortable humidity. In summer it is cool in this house, and in winter it is very warm.



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